The Singularity

Reformat’s sound has been compared to an obsolete games console recalling chiptunes sung by their factory siblings before they were separated and packaged for sale. Others have described it as the sound of a 56k modem dialling directly into their psyche.

The album is also soundtrack to an interactive adventure inspired by 1980s sci-fi films and computer games. You can play the game here.

Released April 20th 2018 on Bad Elephant Music. Click this link to buy your copy now!


Reviews of The Singularity

Prog Magazine

Prog Magazine

“The Singularity is a hell of a calling card, like John Carpenter leading The Fierce And The Dead from behind a Commodore 64.”

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Heavy Blog is Heavy

“Reformat know exactly how to create the perfect mixture of wonder and overwhelming positivity and triumph in their sound.”

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Echoes And Dust

“Vangelis jamming with 65daysofstatic… it’s absolutely fantastic.”

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“Immersing yourself into this album becomes an almost quasi-religious act.”

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Arctic Drones

“Adventurous, inventive, forward-thinking, The Singularity is a pure electro-rock ecstasy evoking the exotic world of ’80s sci-fi movies.”

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The Prog Mind

“It feels glorious and towering, is haunting and otherworldly… with a glorious melody front and center.”

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“The creation of a infectious melody seems to be their priority… this is an impressive debut from a compelling new musical ensemble.


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Live at The Parlour Recording Studio




“Listen carefully, there is very little time. Long ago, humans and machines were as one; users lost track of where their fingertips ended and the screen began. Without warning, mass-malfunction led to a shared sickness. Experts called it the MILLENNIUM BUG.

The infected found themselves simultaneously looking at and out through their devices; they faintly recognised their reflection in the screen but also saw someone else entirely. Break the cycle before this moment is forever.”

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